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The Dalmatian Shop
An online shopping guide e-specially for Dalmatian lovers
Dalmatian dog themed art, gifts and collectibles
Dalmatians Gifts and Collectibles, Dalmatian Merchandise, Products, Accessories. Adult Dogs and Puppies.
Featured Items: Dalmatians Gifts and Collectibles, Dalmatians Merchandise, Art, Collectibles. Puppies (pupies)
Dalmatian Art

Dalmatian Art : art prints, paintings and greeting cards

A huge collection of the best Dalmatian Art! Wide variety in price range, and styles. Custom made Dalmatian paintings, too!
Click here to visit our category Dalmatian Art
More than 350 Dalmatian art works can be found through this category!
Dalmatian Dogs: Gifts and Collectibles, Dalmatian Dog Merchandise, Dal Products. Adult Dogs and Puppies
bulldog cards

Dalmatian Cards : Special occassion, and all purpose cards

Greeting cards, notecards, and (vintage) postcards. Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Graduation, Anniversary, New Baby, Pet Sympathy and many, many more special Dalmatian greetings!
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More than 250 Dalmatian cards can be found through this category!
Dalmatian gifts and collectibles, greeting cards, posters, art prints, jewelry, shirts, stuffed Dalmatians, signs, flags, puppets, figurines,..
dalmartian cardsdalmartian cardsdalmartian cards

Dalmatian Calendars

Dalmatian planners and calendars.
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More than 20 different Dalmatian Calendars in this category !
Online Shopping for Dalmatian lovers. Art, Posters, Prints, Shirts, Jewelry, Calendars, Figurines and Sculptures,...
dalmatian garden ornaments

Dalmatians Garden / Outdoor Decor

Show the world you love Dalmatians - plant a Dalmatian in your garden!
See the outdoor decor in our Dalmatians Around Your House -category !
Flags, Mailbox covers, Welcome signs, Garden Sculptures, & much more! Bumper Stickers, Car Stickers, Decals and Dalmatian Caution Signs are in this category, too!
More than 400 Dalmatian outdoor decorations in this category !
Our online store for Dalmatian lovers offers Dalamtian Art Prints, Posters, Paintings, T-Shirts, Jewelry, Calendars, Statues and Sculptures,...
dalmatian sandicast sculpture

Dalmatian Figures

Dalmatian figurines, sculptures, models and statues. From miniature to lifesize!
Click here to see our Dalmatian figurines and sculptures
More than 400 Dalmatian Figures in this category !

dalmatian vintage figurine
dalmatian apparel

Clothing / Apparel

Dalmatian themed t-shirts, sweatshirts, sleepshirts, socks, ties, caps, jackets, hoodies ...
Have a look please at our Dalmatian Clothing section!

dalmatian puppy infant creeper

More than 700 Dalmatian clothing items can be found through this category!
These online stores for Dalamtians lovers offers Dalamtian Stuffed dogs, Dalmatian Mugs, Bumper stickers, Decals, Flags,...
stuffed dalmatian dog puppet

Toys for Dalmatian People

Plush and stuffed Dalamtian dogs, hand puppets, floppy dogs!
Click here to our Dalmatian toys!
More than 400 Dalmatian toys for people can be found through this category!
dalmatian jewelry

Dalmatian Jewelry

Dalmatian themed earrings, pendants, charms, bracelets, brooches; Dalmatian jewellery!
Have a look at our glamorous Dalmatians
More than 500 Dalmatian jewelry items in this category !
Purchase this Dalmatian pendant. Buy a Dalamtian charm, order this golden brooch. Silver Dalmatian pin brooch.
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